How to Send Bhaidooj Gifts to Canada?

June 15, 2017

Selecting right gifts for opposite gender is considered as one of the most tedious jobs. And, when it happens to be your sweet sister or handsome brothers, it becomes all the more challenging to find adequate gifts that catch their attention. Every year, Hindus all over the world celebrate a beautiful festival that depicts the strength of one of the most pious relationships in this world- the relation shared by a brother and sister. What if your sibling is not in India on this Diwali and you need to do the gift shopping all by yourself? Well, take help from one of India’s most renowned gifting site, which showcases a diverse range of gifts for people of all age groups and tastes. Now, you can send Bhaidooj gifts to Canada at impressive rates.


The history of Bhaidooj seems to be as old as of Diwali. It is believed that Lord Yama- the king of death paid a visit to his loving sister Yami on this day, who welcomed him by putting a holy tikka on his forehead followed by an aarti. They had lavish feast together and spent time talking to each other for the rest of the day. Lord Yama was touched by his sister’s gesture and blessed her. He declared that any brother visiting his sister on this day would be saved from the fire of hell.


If you check the history of other countries, no where across the world the bond of love has been glorified the way it is done here in India. Hindus celebrate this exceptional relationship two times in year, once on Raksha Bandhan which falls in the month of August and then again in October-November with the festival of bhai dooj. Bhai dooj is celebrated on the fifth and last day of 5-day long celebration of Diwali. It has been referred to as ‘Dooj’ as it falls on the second day after the new moon, while ‘Bhai’ means brother. Hence, on this day, sisters pray for the long life and well being of their brothers and seek protection of Almighty against all that’s evil.


If your brother or sister resides in Canada, you can still send them your beautiful wishes on this bhaidooj. Send Bhaidooj Gifts to Canada and give a nice surprise to your sibling, which he or she surely deserves. You can even Send Online Bhaidooj Gifts to USA by availing our free shipping option.

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