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Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide 2017

Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is a festival which is celebrated in all over the world. This festival is not bound for any religion, nation, caste or community. It is a festival which celebrates the universal feeling of love. There are many stories behind the origin of Valentine ’s Day and one of the most popular story about valentine’s day is it is celebrated in the loving memory of Christian priest St. Valentine who was executed by the Roman emperor Claudius II in 270 AD for acting against the will of the emperor. The Roman emperor Claudius II prohibited the approach of marriage for his soldiers as married soldiers gave priority to their families and St. Valentine helped lovers to get married.

After the death of St. Valentine this day was mostly celebrated by the romantic couples in 19th century. It became more popular by the end of 19th century as many more people started celebrating this day to express their love and affection towards their special one and now it is the most awaited and most popular festival among youths. People consider this day as an event to express and celebrate love. It is a public holiday in many countries and in India Valentine’s Day is getting its popularity with each passing day.

Valentine’s Day Gifting

This festival of romance is celebrated with great excitement and people give gifts to their loved ones as this festival is celebrated for the love between two and it is not important that those two are couples or lovers. The idea behind this festival is to spread love without condition. The tradition of exchanging gifts is a universal custom in every festival and on this day people seeks for opportunities to say Happy Valentine’s Day. Shopping for some particular items surprisingly increases on the valentine season. There are some common products that reach on the top of demand during Valentine. Cards, flowers, chocolates and cakes are the most demanded items on this festival as these items are considered cute and lovable. The most important thing about Valentine’s Day is that this festival is celebrated to spread love among people and gifts are given to show love and affection.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

While shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift we must remember that our gifts has to be expressive not expensive. It doesn’t mean that you won’t buy any costly item; it simply means that this celebration of love must be celebrated without rate tags.

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