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How Long should you wait before calling a Woman

How long should I wait to call her?

Human emotions are very complex. And when it comes to women, it just gets a little harder. No wonder men are nervous about their first date. Our sympathies go with men as they are the ones who are usually expected to take the first step towards a relationship. From getting contact number of a woman to asking her out, each step involves meticulousness.

“How long should I wait to call her” seems to be the most asked question by men online. Well, everyone is aware of the rule. You should wait three days after getting her number is what love experts say. Texting is one lighter means of communicating that effectively takes the pressure off men and you can do it even in few hours of your meet. The dilemma is that in today’s fast world, some girls tend to forget whom they had met three days ago especially when they have guys lined up asking for a date. So you can ditch the rule and try calling her after two days so that you don’t sound desperate and still pretty much interested.

What a girl seeking a genuine long term relationship expects is sincerity. So if she was really affected by you then she might not feel offended even if you called her after a gap of even three to four days, because even girls are aware of the three day rule and they are looking more for a mature guy who would hold her hand forever than just few days of fun, screw and disappearance that happens in a detached affair.

So if you ask how long should I wait to call her, you ask yourself what type of a relationship are you looking for with her and what kind of a person she is like shy and angelic, bold and extrovert, hot and fun loving or smart and affectionate. If she is hot and extrovert, she might not be in for a committed relationship too soon. If she is affectionate and smart, you can take your time to build words so you do not falter while asking her out.

Hope this answer helps. Remember at the end it all boils down to sincerity. So wear your heart on your sleeve and go for it.

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