What is Bento Cake: All You Need to Know

May 21, 2024
what is Bento Cake

Bento Cakes (Lunch Box Cake) : Size, Design, and More

Ask anyone about the latest trend in the cake world; you will hear only one answer: bento! So, what is bento cake? The first thing that comes to our mind is the word cute!

Well, bento is basically a mini cake. You have the cake sponges stacked and layered with filling, frosted nicely, and then decorated, often with simple piping or messages on the top.

Instead of a cake base, bento cakes generally come in small takeout boxes. First, parchment paper is placed on the box, followed by the cake. Yes, the entire aesthetics of bento cakes are quite artistic.

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Bento Cake: A Quick Overview

Feature Description
Size Typically single-serving, around 200-300 grams
Shape Usually round, but can come in other shapes
Flavors Wide variety, from classic (vanilla, chocolate) to fruity (strawberry, pineapple) and more
Design Often adorable and intricate, with frosting swirls, piped designs, and small decorations
Benefits Perfect for individual portions, ideal for gifting, allows for creativity and customization

What is Bento Cake

A bento cake is a tiny, single-serving cake inspired by Japanese lunchboxes. These adorable cakes are usually 3-4 inches wide (7.6-10.2 cm) in diameter and come in cute boxes. They can be any flavor you like and are decorated with frosting, fruits, and candies.

Bento cakes are like mini versions of regular cakes! Regular cakes are much bigger, meant to share with people.

Bento cakes often have simple designs, while regular cakes can be all fancy with lots of frosting and decorations. Both use similar ingredients though, like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.

Bento Cake Size

Bento cakes are mini cakes, usually around 3-4 inches wide (7.6-10.2 cm) in diameter.. That’s about the size of a small plate. They can be a little bigger, up to 6 inches around, but most are around 4 inches.

While there might be two or three layers, the cake is generally 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Larger bento cakes, like 6 to 8 inches, are also available. The weight can be around 250 to 300 grams.

If you are too busy dreaming about the bento cakes and the numbers aren’t registering, imagine a cake the size of a lunchbox. A bento cake is suitable for sharing between two people, but hey, don’t share if you don’t want to!

Let’s talk about the designs! Just like a regular-sized cake, bento cakes can be designed in various ways. They don’t necessarily have to be round. Heart-shaped bento cakes are quite popular, too! The size of a bento cake might be smaller than a regular cake, but the effort to make one is no less!


Everyone connects bento cakes to South Korea, and that is quite natural. Bento cakes quickly became a common sight on the cake displays of Korean bakeries and from there to people’s social media feeds with #lovebentocakes!

However, if talking about the actual origin, you might have to go to Japan instead of South Korea. Bento in Japanese translates to convenience and is associated with lunchboxes, hence the name bento cakes.

In the 12th century, people started making single portions of meals for takeouts and packed them in small wooden boxes for (you guessed it right) convenience.

From there, the idea of bento boxes originated, and they traveled to Taiwan and China. Later, they started making kawaii (cute) on-the-go lunchbox cakes in South Korea. So, a bento cake meaning is a cake in a lunchbox.

Bento Cake Design

Bento cakes are like tiny canvases for creative decorating! You can use fresh fruits like berries or slices of mango. Colorful candies like sprinkles or chopped chocolate bars add a fun touch.

For a more elegant look, try piped frosting designs or even a single, delicate flower. The possibilities are endless, so have fun and match the design to your occasion or the recipient’s taste!

Bento Cake Ingredients and Recipe

Bento cakes are adorable mini cakes! They typically use basic cake ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. You’ll also need baking powder or soda, and vanilla extract for flavor. Some recipes may call for extras like cocoa powder for chocolate cake or yogurt for moistness.

If you want to see how it’s done, check out this a step-by-step recipe or you can also watch a detailed guide on YouTube here.


Once the cake layers are stacked with whipped cream, ganache, mousses, custards, or any other filling, the cakes are nicely covered in frosting. The decorations tend to have simple, minimalist aesthetics.

There can be piping on the sides using different nozzles, a simple message in the middle, tiny designs using a small piping bag, and so on! Chocolates, flowers, and other decorative items add a pop of color to the cake.


Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a festival? Whatever it is, a bento cake will easily fit into the celebration! If it is a date, bento cake will be just the perfect intimate dessert.

Let’s say it is not a celebration. You are missing a friend or family member and want to surprise them. Or maybe you are trying to make peace with your partner after a fight. A bento cake will always be a hit!


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