Top 10 One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her/Him

May 30, 2024
One Month Anniversary Gift ideas

Unique Gifts for 1 Month Anniversary

You meet someone one day out of nowhere and fall in love. Or a person you have known for the longest time suddenly makes you feel different.

You just started going on dates, making long calls, and learning little things about each other, and you realize it has been a month already. Wait a second! Is it a relationship, or are you celebrating your one-month wedding anniversary?

Whatever it is, you must plan a celebration, and finding the most romantic gift is the first step!

Congratulations! But IGP offers more than just best wishes; we have made a list of the most wonderful one month anniversary gifts for you!

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1. Personalized Photo Album

Unique Personalized Photo Pop-up Box

You must have so many special moments during this month. Why not capture those moments in some stunning photo frames? Select your favorite pictures and get a photo frame customized with them.

Some frames also have space to add names or special dates. Trust us, it will be a valuable first month anniversary gift for husband or wife.

Gift @495


2. Handmade Love Letter

Personalized Explosion Box of Love

We know it’s personal, but did you ever write a romantic letter to your better half? Expressing love via texts and social media posts might be the latest trend. But a good old-fashioned love letter is just the iconic 1 month anniversary gift for husband or wife.

Write on a simple piece of paper or glam it up with art papers and an aesthetic envelope – it’s up to you. Focus on what you want to express.

An example? Suppose this is your one month engagement anniversary gift. Write the promises you want to make to her for a life of togetherness.

Gift @1295


3. Customized Name Necklace

Stylish Personalized Necklace

Everyone gives necklaces to their partners, which is true, but we have something better! A necklace customized with your or your partner’s name- how does that sound?

You can opt for the entire name or just the initials. The name can be as it is or placed on a heart-shaped pendant.

Gift @395

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4. Romantic Dinner Date

What can be a more special gift than the time you guys spend together? Plan a dinner date at their favorite cafe or arrange a movie night at home. It can also be a date when you cook or bake together and enjoy the delicious food. It will be a great bonding opportunity.

5. Couple’s Spa Day

O2 Spa Gift Card

The idea is to spend some time together! But this time, it will be more pampering. Book a couple’s spa session at her favorite place. Want to do something at home? It’s easy! First, decide on the space; it should be peaceful.

A pleasing view is optional. Get clean towels and self-care products like face masks, scrubs, bath salts, lotions, etc. Add flowers for aesthetics and candles for the fragrance and ambiance.

Gift @500


6. Adventure Experience

A touch of adventure? Yes, please! For your one-month anniversary, go on an adventurous trip. It could be something extremely exciting like sky-diving or something simple like camping. You know what your partner would love; plan accordingly. You can plan a trip and incorporate some adventurous activities to take it up a notch.

7. Customized Portrait

Personalized Anniversary Photo Canvas

Everyone takes pictures! But for such a special occasion as your first anniversary, think out of the box like a customized portrait. Do you paint? If yes, you can do it yourself, and your better half will be on cloud nine. No worries if not. You can easily get a portrait of your partner or a couple’s portrait customized.

Gift @595


8. Subscription Box

Classic -1 Month Subscription

The idea of a subscription box is basically a recurring delivery of certain products. For example, if you opt for a flower subscription box for your beloved, they will receive a monthly floral arrangement.

Sounds thoughtful, doesn’t it? Gift a subscription box of the products your partner regularly requires or enjoys using.

Gift @3095


9. Romantic Getaway

The two of you, away from hectic schedules, spending quality time together – your anniversary can’t get better than this! So, plan a gateway. Get all the bookings done, and then surprise your better half with the news.

10. Handcrafted Gift Basket

Gourmet Treats in Gift Basket Hamper

Whenever you can’t decide on a particular gift, a gift basket will save the day! Take a basket and fill it with everything your partner loves. You can add snacks, skin-care products, self-care items, flowers, and more!

Gift @1595


Pick a gift right away, and here’s to many more romantic anniversaries!

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