Teachers Day

6 Teacher’s Day Gifts that Take Your Teacher & You Back in Time

September 3, 2019
Teachers Day

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The name conjures up an old school image of happy kids gaining knowledge from a skilled and loving master.  Did you know, Dr Radhakrishnan himself requested that after he is gone, his birthday be dedicated to all the teachers? Thus, 5th September became Teacher’s Day in India. It might have been years since you stopped wearing the school uniform. But choose Teacher’s Day to revisit your schooldays with your teacher with these loving, reminiscing gestures.

Spend Some Time Together

Customized Coffee Mug

How we all longed to know our favourite teachers beyond the classroom walls! Teacher’s Day is the perfect time to ask for a little tete-a-tete with your master and know him or her a little more. It would be fun to talk so freely to your teacher and notice the changes he or she has undergone after all these years. Make your visit a little more personal and special with a really cool looking and innovative mug. Serve your teacher’s favourite beverage in it and get your teacher to open up and get more comfortable.

A Surprise Taste!

Chocolate Cake with Cherry Toppings

Remember that period where you were required to make snacks and get them tested on taste by various teachers? Relive that moment this Teacher’s Day. It’s simple, sweet and memorable. Order a treat that your teacher likes or make one yourself and together have a mini party! You can pick mouth-watering cakes baked with the finest ingredients by masterful bakers. Or you could gift a box of handmade or imported chocolates. Or pick a box of crunchy, tasty cookies.

The Gift of GrowthEvergreen plant

Not all lessons were taught inside the classroom. Some required to go out in the ground with the nature dancing to the tune of winds. If environmental education or science was your and your teacher’s favourite subject, a plant is a perfect way to remember the happy hours spent experimenting and observing out in the sun.

Express Emotions

Red Leather Handmade Notebook with Strap Closure

If you are a writer, by profession or hobby, there are very high chances that the seeds of it were long sown in your school by your teacher. He or she has encouraged you to express your thoughts, dreams and fears through written words and made you understand the power of language through essays and letter writings. Remind your teacher of this by presenting him/her a beautiful notebook. Pick the one that can be closed by a strap or lock to encourage your teacher to put down his or her thoughts and guard it from uninvited eyes.

Something Special for the World’s Best Teacher

Personalized Pen Stand

We all went through it. The phase when we struggled to say thanks to our favourite teacher. We tried our hands at poetry, painting, singing, dancing, all to get our teacher’s attention and tell him or her how much he/she means to us. After all these years, it’s still not too late to tell your teacher that you consider him or her the world’s best. Choose an apt gift that expresses this emotion in words and go on to tell the tale of your unspoken gratitude for your teacher back at school.

Making the Lesson Learnt Practical

Basket of Oranges and Pineapple

That value education class, PT period, healthy living events. Whatever health knowledge and habit we have today, it is all because of our teacher’s valuable lessons on the subject. This Teacher’s Day, knock the door of your guru with a basket of health and happiness in hand. Choose a basket of fruits and make your teacher go down the memory lane of all those lessons dedicated to mental and physical well being. you can also check these best cyber Monday deals they have rounded up some of the coolest stuff to look out for in this year’s sale.

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