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Everything You Need to Know about Karwa Chauth Rituals

September 30, 2022
karva chauth rituals

We all have seen numerous attractive Karwa Chauth sequences in movies, where the wife fasts for the husband’s wellbeing, and waits patiently for him to arrive and break her fast! Romantic right? Undoubtedly, Karwa Chauth is one of the most celebrated, attractive, and well-known festivals in India.

During Karwa Chauth, women pray for the long lives of their husbands. The festival is a celebration of an eternal bond between man and wife and is quite popular in the north Indian states, including Punjab, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh.

So, let’s take a look at the various rituals, celebrations, and other practices associated with the festival. 

Karwa Chauth Rituals

Besides fasting, women also follow rituals like applying henna and dressing up. Even though the ritual is for married women, several unmarried women also follow this ritual nowadays. 

Karva Chauth Rituals for Unmarried

Unmarried girls need to apply henna on their palms to find a suitable match soon. They shouldn’t be doing a Nirjala fast, which is fasting without water. They should be fasting only without food. 

Sargi is food that mothers-in-law prepare for married women on karwa chauth. Since sargi cannot be given to unmarried women, they shouldn’t be giving suhaag to anyone. Unmarried women don’t need to use a sieve to look at the stars while opening their fast and offering arghya. 

Karwa Chauth Rituals for Newly Married

If it’s your first karwa chauth, it can get a little intimidating. You will have to keep a nirjala fast. It means that you can’t drink water until you break your fast.

In the early hours of the fast, you will have to consume food prepared by your mother-in-law. It is called sargi and usually contains items like dry fruits, mithai, milk, and more. The purpose of the sargi is to give strength to the ladies fasting throughout the day. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Karwa Chauth?

  • Add complex carbs and proteins to your sargi thali to avoid dizziness while fasting.
  • Don’t eat too many fried foods and sweets as prasad to avoid bloating.
  • Drink as much water as possible before the fast to prevent dehydration.
  • Don’t consume tea or coffee to prevent acidity.

Karwa Chauth Fast Rules

1. The fast can be performed by married women only.

2. The fast is broken only after the moon is sighted, and the husband has taken sargi (a meal provided by the mother-in-law) and has worshipped the moon.

3. Women who for some reason cannot observe the fast, such as illness, pregnancy, or lactation, may break it before the moon is sighted.

4. The fasting women observe complete celibacy for the day, and do not consume even a drop of water.

5. Women wear red, yellow, pink, or green coloured sarees or suits, and apply henna on their hands and feet.

6. Women wear jewellery and makeup, and decorate their homes.

7. Women wake up before sunrise and take a bath.

8. After bath, they wear their best clothes and sit in a decorated place.

9. They worship the goddess Parvati and her consort, Lord Shiva.

10. After the karva chauth puja, women tie a thread around their husbands’ wrists and take sargi.

11. The women then begin the fast, and do not consume even a drop of water till the moon is sighted.

12. After the moon is sighted, the fast is broken by the husband giving his wife water or juice to drink.

13. The women then offer prayers to the moon, and thank the goddess Parvati for giving them the strength to observe the fast.

The rules of the karwa chauth fast are different for unmarried and newly married women. 

Karwa Chauth Fast Rules for an Unmarried Girl

Sringar or dressing up is a huge part of karwa chauth. However, unmarried women are not allowed to dress up like married girls. Unmarried girls should wear new clothes and stay without makeup during the pooja. 

They should be worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the morning. In the evening, they must come together with the married women in the community, keeping a karva pujan.   

Karwa Chauth Fast Rules for Newly Married

When a woman is celebrating her first karwa chauth after marriage, the girl’s side often sends gifts to the boy’s side. A newly-married woman also receives baya or gifts from her mother-in-law. 

The festival of karwa chauth also involves exchanging gifts. Mothers-in-law send gifts to their daughters-in-law. Husbands send gifts to their wives. Even the woman keeping the fast sends gifts to her mother-in-law or husband.

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