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October 4, 2013

The excitement of Diwali celebrations does not end with the burst of that last cracker; it only gets magnified with families coming together to relish the fiesta of Bhaidooj. While those close to the families are fortunate to participate in the festivities but siblings who have settled in other cities are most remembered.

This gloom of separation hampering the festivities has met its end when comes equipped with Bhaidooj Gifts for India. With 15 years of experience & consistency in quality services is the best virtual marketplace to buy bhaidooj gifts India.

Online Bhaidooj Gifts never displayed this wide variety of Bhaidooj Gifts until took up the task of doing so. On Aarti’s suggestion Maya decided to indulge in Online Bhaidooj Gifts’ shopping. Maya was amazed to see how the “bhaidooj tikka” could be so aesthetically carried in handmade decorative envelopes. It was a jaw dropping sight for her to see there were so many options to send bhaidooj Gifts. Maya would remember how she would have to visit 10 different shops to pick a box of dry-fruits or an Indian savoury. With such neatly drawn categories like “Tikka with Mithai” & “Tikka with dry-fruits” this was easy as a blink of her eye. She picked one each from “tikka with chocolates” & “tikka with cookies” for her younger brothers who now lived in Bangalore. Maya did not stop here she was caring enough to pick a couple of “Bhaidooj Kids Hamper” for her elder brother’s children who were away in a boarding school in Panchgarhi. She bought them an “Angry birds Crayon pen” which came with a big pack of Cadbury’s éclairs. While Maya was busy shopping for a variety of thoughtful Bhaidooj Gifts, Aarti thought she would surprise her mother with a beautifully decorated “Pooja Thali” as her uncle & aunty would make it for Bhaidooj from New-Zealand after five long years, hence it would be a really special Bhaidooj for her mother.

It’s such a small world and thanks to the popularity of & its facility of free-shipping, Aarti’s uncle was busy ordering “Gifts for sisters” from this very site. While buying ”Bhaidooj Gifts for India” from the portal Aarti’s uncle, Mr. Roy remembered his youthful days when he had just begun to earn his first salary. Mr. Roy splurged as much as he could on “jewellery hampers” & “saree hampers” for her sister. After all he had to make up for five long years. He picked up a trendy “handbag” & “watch” for his loving niece. From this very Bhaidooj Gifts India platform he bought a meal “Gift Voucher” for grand Rajdhani thali spread for a big family luncheon.

Seeing Maya’s excitement to buy online bhaidooj Gifts her mother also felt motivated to send bhaidooj gifts to her cousin in Kolkata. She was delighted to see 624 different products which could be sent as “Gifts for Brothers” Since her brother has an artistic bend of mind she choose “Rajasthani Gift Hamper with dry-fruit”; which included a classy white marble plate & a sculpted ashtray. The glory of these Bhaidooj gifts lies in the fact that at the end of the day they are simple “expressions of love.”

Whether it’s Aarti, Maya or Mrs. Dass the preciousness of brothers & siblings is acknowledged through festivals like Bhaidooj. The festival of Bhaidooj symbolises familial strength, unity & love & with fortunate gifting platforms like these relationships will only strengthen with passage of time.

Bhaiddoj Gifts

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