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Homecrafts- Specimen of India’s craftsmanship

June 5, 2013

Every nook and corner of our country always astonishes the world with the diversity it presents in the varied forms of artisanship and handicrafts. The 10,000 odd product varieties available at the homecraft section is merely an illustration of the rich Indian culture.

The “Paintings” section will mesmerise the viewer with the assortment it offers. The Krishna paintings depicts the baland vatsalya roop of Lord Krishna, an ideal gift for an expecting mother.Be it a shiva yantra or the gayatri mantra, the essence is only highlighted through the selection of gold paintings. One can only imagine life in an Indian Village through the range of Village Paintings. The work of art inspired from the Mughal paintings would only impress an art connoisseur. Since centuries, paintings of legendary beauties Bani thani and Ragini have been attracting art experts worldwide hence a pick from them will speak volumes about one’s aesthetic sense. Pattachitra/Palm Leave Paintings are the earliest forms of paintings from Orissa & are admired worldwide for their rich colors, creative motifs, & of mythological origin.Popular themes include Thia Badhia ( depiction of Jagannath temple), Krishna Lila (enactment of Jagannath as Lord Krishna is shown there displaying his powers as a child), Dasabatara Patti (the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu), Panchamukhi (depiction of Lord Ganesh as a five headed deity). Pattachitra paintings on palm leaves and tussar silk are the most unique way to send season’s greetings to family and friends. The offerings of the Wooden relief paintings uses three special wood type like Jack fruit wood, Margosa and hairy sour apple wood. While, its base is made from Macanite Board, the best part of a Wooden Relief painting is that it can be easily cleansed with the help of a soft brush. Avoid cleaning with water that can spoil the whole painting

The home textile section showcases the craft of Rajasthan and Gujarat among other similar states who boast of unique and rich art & culture. The fabrics which are largely hand woven do full justice to the artists creativity and mastery of his/her skill and make you fall in love with them. A special token for families who have build a home for themselves away from home giving them the swadeshi feel.

A potter’s wheel is akin to a canvas where he literally plays God with his creations taking form and color. In the Pottery section one will find a variety of shapes from flower vases to cloth hangings, planters & trays. Each

immersed in a riot of colours that will make you think in awe and leave you inspired.

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