Best 10 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Any Celebration

May 15, 2024

Top 10 Cheap Gift Ideas for Any Celebration

Seems like someone is looking for affordable gift ideas. Well, that someone is in the right place!

We have birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and so many other occasions every year. Finding the best gift for near and dear ones is always exciting as well as tricky.

The receiver must like the gift, and it should be within your budget, too. Truth be told, we can’t always spend hefty amounts, regardless of how special the day or the person is.

But guess what? The perfect gift doesn’t need to be expensive. And if you don’t believe that, here’s IGP presenting not one, not two, but 10 wonderful low budget gift ideas!

Chocolaty Goodness

Chocolaty Goodness

Nothing shows love and affection like homemade treats. They’re delicious and even healthier than store-bought treats! You can make cakes, traditional desserts, Namkeen, and countless other things at home.

Whatever the occasion, figure out your loved one’s favorite treat and make it home. Don’t know how to make it? Family members, friends, and online videos will help you out!

Gift @495


Customized Mug

Personalized Rainbow Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs have been a go-to gift solution for as long as we can remember. Customization is a great way to turn this common gift into something unique and more special.

You can personalize it with pictures, names, and other messages like ‘World’s Best Mom.’ The best part is that you can order a customized mug on IGP without breaking the bank!

Gift @295


Love Notes Notebook

Love Notes Personalized Notebook

In the digital world, where texts and video calls are saving the day, letters have become a rare phenomenon. But imagine a friend, a family member, or any loved one receiving an envelope on their special day, and from the envelope comes a handwritten note or letter from you.

Oh, how their face will light up, smile, and even get emotional as they read your message! And all that without spending any money. Talk about cheap gifts!

Gift @245


Let Love Grow Jade Plant

Let Love Grow Jade Plant With Plastic Pot

Gifting plants to someone is like gifting them a piece of nature, and that’s an extremely beautiful gesture. Plants will elevate the aesthetics, purify the air, and represent the bond between you and someone.

Check out potted succulents or plants that the receiver can easily place around their house or at the office.

Gift @445


Hanging Led Lamps

Set Of 2 Hanging Led Lamps

The soft glow emanating from these elegant Hanging LED lamps is all it takes to create that perfect soothing vibe that relaxes the mind and soul.

Gift @1375



Personalized Focus On Your Goals Diary


This option will excite all the bookworms! If you have a book lover for whom you want to buy a gift, do not spend any second thinking; just order a book for them. Knowing their favorite author or genre will help you find the perfect read.

In fact, they surely have a list of books they want. Find that list, and you have hit the gifting jackpot! And before you ask, books can be quite inexpensive.

Gift @745



Personalized Lilo And Stitch Notebook

We have pleased the book lovers; now it’s time to please the chefs and foodies among us! Some people love to cook. Some people love to eat. And some want to learn how to cook.

For all of them, cookbooks will be just the ideal gift. You will find cookbooks on various cuisines and meals. More importantly, the price range is wide, starting with budget-friendly options!

Gift @245


Scented Candles

Fragrant Candles in Airtight Containers - Red (set of 2)

After a long day or during a hectic schedule, lighting some scented candles and enjoying a long bath or your favorite TV show or book is an unmatched feeling.

Help your loved ones relax and rejuvenate by sending them scented candles. Diverse fragrances are available, from floral to fruity to oud to many more.

Gift @395


Photo Frame

Cherished Memories Personalized Collage Photo Frame

Photo frames are the Khans of the gifting industry. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or anything else, you will always find a photo frame among the gifts. The reason is how meaningful they can be.

Pictures are the carriers of memories, and photo frames showcase them beautifully. Personalize a photo frame with your or the receiver’s favorite pictures, and voila!

Gift @1195


Journal or Notebook

Personalized Journal with Leather Wrap

Sometimes, we must write down our thoughts, note our schedules, important events, etc., to stay on top of things. So, journals and notebooks will be a thoughtful gift.

They will show you care for them and wish them success. While the huge variety of notebooks and journals is impressive, these are among the best cheap gift ideas!

Gift @495


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