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How should be the dress for first date

What Should I Wear On A First Date?

We all face the dilemma of what to wear in almost every event that we have to attend. Specially when it comes to First Date, the question is too big! If you are suffering from the “What to Wear” wardrobe panic for dressing to impress, take a sigh of relief; we are here to walk you through. Let’s start with the beginning. First get to know where you are heading to! Research a little about the place you are hitting for the First Date. Look around how people dress, what the whole feel and ambience is as you don’t want to be the odd one out amongst them.

The biggest rule that you need to follow for First Date is definitely not to show too much skin! It looks like you are trying too hard. It is supremely important to be comfortable and effortless in whatever you are wearing as fidgeting around with your attire is the last thing you would want to do.

If it is a Dinner date – Best is to get dressed in any smart-casual or a mix of dressy with relaxed look. To do this, you can go with a Little Black Dress that always works for a dinner date. Accessorize it, not too much not too less, so that it looks minimalistic yet attractive.

If it is a Lunch date – Go with more casual and bright clothes that are relaxed and cool. For example, you can pair a smart and light hued pencil skirt with slouchy top topping it with a postman clutch and your favourite shades.

Post-Work or College Date – Planned a date post classes or work? No problem, we have a quick hack to a gorgeous look. This look should be a mix of College plus Date attire or Work plus Date attire. You just need to loosen up on your work clothes. If you are wearing a blazer and shirt, remove the blazer and add an attractive lip shade. Don’t forget to open your hair and let them fall spectacularly on your face and shoulders. You are all set!

Wear something that truly makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Nothing is more important than looking confident and being comfortable.

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