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Valentines Ideas for Long Distance Love / Relationships

Valentine’s Day Ideas That Work Well for Long Distance Love / Relationships

Times are changing and lives have become busy. With increasing distances among loved ones, it has become difficult to keep relationships going in a smooth pace. All these factors bring in the fear of losing someone we love. There are many ways of bridging gaps that are a natural consequence of long distance love affairs, listed below; have a look:

Romantic Poetry
One of the most romantic ideas is writing love poems and love letters for your long distance Valentine. Anything from the bottom of your heart will definitely hit the rock bottom of your beloved’s heart. You can even write down your real life love story and add your own insights to it like the feelings which grew over time.

Crafting A Website for Your Valentine
Another romantic idea that is much in trend is, to come up with a whole new website for Valentine’s Day, which is inspired by your love for each other. The site can be named after the two of you. Think out of the box to touch your Valentine's heart by saying all that you have always wanted to in one place. Memorable pictures with little notes that depict your undying love will do wonders.

A Romantic Getaway
Plan a romantic getaway together for just the two of you where you can rediscover the spark and ignite the charm in your relationship once again. For this surprise to work, you should know your Valentines' schedule for the year ahead. Research on the best and the most serene destinations based on the season, your preferences and the cost options available. Be careful that he/she does not come to know about the real reasons behind your wanting to know these details. It should be a Pleasant Surprise!

Your Valentine in a Painting
You might be having many photographs of your sweetheart. If not you can even ask him/her to send the latest one to you. Using this image as a reference you can even get your Valentine painted onto canvas. This idea can also include a picture of the two of you being replicated onto a painting. Else, if you have the creativity to bring out the sketch by yourself, nothing like it!

These ideas will pave a path of love that will remain ever green. These ideas would immortalize your love forever. With the advent of services that promise anywhere, anytime delivery, you can actually send any gift so that it reaches your special someone on Valentine’s Day. With sublime online gifting portals like, you can discover unique gifts and delight anyone!

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