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Women in the 21st Century are as independent as their male counterparts, earn just as well if not more, and have broken the age–old story of being dependent (emotionally and financially) on anyone. We can imagine quite well how difficult it must be to buy your independent and working girlfriend something she doesn’t already have, or can buy herself. Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day shopping guide to help you with this difficult task!

The Techie Gift

The advent of technology has shifted most work over phone calls and emails. As with most on–the–move entrepreneurs going from one meeting to the next, charging devices becomes a huge task. Get your lady a portable charger for her phone or laptop (or even one device that charges both these gadgets) and make her life a whole lot simpler! She’ll definitely thank you every time she’s using it!

The Gift of Shopping

All girls love shopping, but the ones focusing on their career hardly get any timeto go out into the markets and shop. This Valentine’s Day, get your girlfriend an online Valentine gifts (we’ve also included online Valentine gift card, so she can shop from wherever she is, even if she has ten minutes free!) And besides, how else is she supposed to look gorgeous for your special Valentine’s date if she doesn’t have a hot red dress to wear?


Help your busy better half unwind with a spa weekend, and if she doesn’t have a whole weekend free then book her in for a hour’s spa! She’ll be able to unwind and rejuvenate herself, and will definitely be much happier!

Wine Hamper

A less expensive (and more romantic) way of unwinding is a wine hamper – gift her choicest collection of wines from across the world, and make sure to put in her favorites! You can enjoy a nice, quiet and romantic night over a bottle of alcohol and a home–cooked meal (bonus points for making it yourself!) And if she’s not much of a drinker, then don’t worry! There’s non–alcoholic wine that you can get her as well, and even get the bottle engraved with your initials for that personalized touch!

Leather Bound Notebook

Every entrepreneur needs a notebook for gathering her ideas, even if she’s not a writer. You can choose from different sizes, colors and designs – and get them personalized with her name (or even her company name)!

Work in Style

For an entrepreneur, a laptop is a critical tool that holds irreplaceable business records and personal notes. Invest in a suave laptop bag that your girlfriend can use stylishly for all her business meetings without having to lug the laptop around in her hand!

Easy Cooking

Make your girl’s life a little easier! Get her an Air Fryer so she can get home from a long day of work and just pop a few things into this amazing cook-by–itself appliance. An added bonus is that doesn’t require any frying or use of oil, so it’s a much healthier option too!

Romantic Holiday

What woman wouldn’t want a little getaway – whether its with you or her girls. A chance to unwind is always the best gift you can give your loved ones. Remember to be mindful of her schedule

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