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Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Indian Boyfriend

It’s the most romantic day of the year, and you have to get your not–so–romantic boyfriend something special that will make him as cheesy as Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook’. Ha! That’s going to be one hard task for sure. However, to make your lives a little easier, we’ve put together a Valentine’s day shopping guide to make your man swoon over you more than ever.

Personalized Desktop Calendar

The idea of romance for a man is a little different than that for a woman. Men prefer something simplistic and they find spending money unnecessary on something that isn’t of use a bit irrational. A desktop calendar is hence, ideal to give, since its usable and if you get it personalized with pictures of you both, then it becomes an incredibly romantic gesture as well! For each month’s page, you can even add in one romantic quote or the lyrics from your favorite songs to make it extra cute!

Cook for Him

Are both of you big on gestures rather than just spending money? Then go the old fashioned way, and cook your boyfriend an incredible meal. Let the tables be turned and instead be the one to woo him today! It’s definitely the best and most romantic Valentine’s Gift you could give him, and will be etched in his memory for a long time after!

Gift Hamper

If you both have been together for a few years now, you can put together a gift hamper with a special something for each year that you’ve been together. There’s a wide range of online gifts for Valentine’s Day, and having a huge range in front of your eyes will definitely make the process of choosing multiple gifts much easier for you. You can even personalize it by adding a small romantic message to each gift!

Indulge the Child in Him

Every man has a child hidden in him somewhere, and all women find that weird and adorable at the same time! Some men like playing on the Play Station, some have a seriously childish obsession with cars and bikes, and others love action figures way after they’ve hit the supposed ‘mature age!’ So this year, instead of laughing his obsession off, indulge it instead. Get him that GI–Joe man–sized figurine he’s been wanting, or a bunch of PS 4 games that he doesn’t have! This is the most romantic gesture you could ever make for him, as it shows him that you’re open to knowing every little side of him, and accept him for all that he is.

Love Coupons

There’s nothing more romantic than redeemable love coupons for things you can do together. You can make one for each day of Valentine’s Week, or redeemable as and when they like. Include activities you can do together like a sport, adventure trip, a sexy night just with you, or even indulge him by giving him a boys’ night out, where he has full permission to spend the night out without you get upset! Trust us, this is the best Valentine’s Day gift you could ever give him! And all his friends will also be super jealous of your man’s super chilled girlfriend!

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