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How Do I Date A Friend

How To Date A Friend?

Wondering how to date a friend that you secretly crush upon? It can be a little tricky as, if this is not done thoughtfully, the situation may take a turn towards awkwardness and spoil the friendship. But not to worry, as they say, nothing is impossible! To make things happen smoothly and the way you want it to be, let’s have a step wise guide, to get your friend besides you on the “Date – Table”, in place.

Begin With the Very Beginning

It means, start analyzing your friend’s feelings towards you. First step to anything is to judge the situation and gear up accordingly. So, start picking signals as a reaction to what you do. To make him or her react, start paying attention to your friend more than anyone else. Observe closely, if it makes a difference.

Make An Eye Contact

An eye contact can work wonders! Make an eye contact with your friend and be sure this is not even 1% uncomfortable for him/her. Build the momentum up slowly by signaling your friend about your feelings. Let him/her know there is something going on but it shouldn’t be obvious.

Light-Hearted Flirting with Compliments

While sitting in a group with your friend, compliment about anything good that you find like “Hey, I love your Hair-do” or “I love the way you dress up” or just anything that will make the person feel special. If your friend is not on the same page as you, there will be an awkward moment of silence or you will be told you are changed. Refrain back that very moment for some days.

Spend Some Time Alone

There are some moments when all of a sudden, there is no one in the room or around you and you both are alone. Make the best use of it by engaging your friend in long talks or conversations that interests him/her. In the conversation, make sure it’s evident that you are completely mesmerized and absorbed whenever you are in your friend’s company. This doesn’t mean you stare hard or blush a little too much.

Wait For The Right Time

Hit the Iron when it’s hot! Now that you have completely made it evident in front of your friend that there is something much more than friendship that you have in the air, it is the time to break the ice. Never directly ask to go on a date, it can spoil things. Always look for excuses and opportunities that will eventually lead you to a date. Office or college cafeterias work well in the beginning. When you have had your dates grown from cafeterias to movie theaters to private dining places, it’s time to ask him or her out! All the best.

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