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How to Decorate Christmas Table

How to Decorate Special Christmas Table

A well decorated Christmas table helps in setting the perfect mood for an evening with family and friends. Given here are some interesting ideas and guidelines on how to go about decorating your Christmas table. We hope that these tips on decorating a Christmas table will inspire and encourage you to decorate your most special Christmas table ever!
Even before you start decorating the Christmas table, plan to give the right look to the room in which the table is placed.

• Decide on a theme or colour to give the room a festive look

• You may add a new painting to the room which gives the feel of the festival.

• A nice idea would be to decorate the room with bright and vibrant flowers. This will make the room appear fresh, lively and more inviting.

• You may place side tables with festive decorations.

• Consider decorating chairs as well. For instance you may use ribbons, net bows around the chair.

Tablecloth, Napkins and Napkin Rings

Get the basics right by using an impressive tablecloth teamed interestingly with table runner, place mats and napkins. You may use tablecloths based on the holiday theme but try using prints sparingly to keep the attention focused on the centerpiece. Another nice idea would be to use napkin rings that reflect the spirit of Christmas. You may also create your own napkin rings by hand painting the desired motifs on plain wooden napkin rings. Explore the neighborhood crafts store for more ideas.

Making your own napkin, tablecloth and table runner helps in giving a personal touch to the decorations.

Table Centerpieces

Some popular and artistic ideas for table centre decorations include Christmas wreath, candlesticks, poinsettia, or holly. While using these objects use your imagination. Don’t hesitate to take ideas from your family members. You will be surprised to find that working together with dear ones can be so much creatively productive and enjoyable.

It is important to understand that a centerpiece performs a function that is to purely decorative therefore the size of the centerpiece should be as per the nature of the meal. In a formal affair the centerpiece should be smaller in size and should occupy lesser room on the dining table whereas in an informal affair the centerpiece should in itself be very well decorated and occupy the entire length and breadth of the table. But care is to be taken that the centerpiece should not obstruct the diner’s view of each other across the table. Keep your centerpiece small if your table space is limited. Remember that you will have to leave room for serving platters, dishes and condiments.

Some decorative tips for the centerpiece

• You can make a feature of your table center by raising it up on a nice glass cake stand.

Christmas flowers also look very beautiful as a centerpiece, but it is advisable to use them at a low level arrangement to allows guest to talk to each other.

• One can also use an arrangement of candles, flowers and pine garland to create a dramatic table centerpiece.

• A trendy idea would be to fill shot glasses with beads, white tulips, star of Bethlehem or other delicate flowers. Add water and place in the middle of the table.

• Display one beautiful Christmas figurine on your holiday table. This could be the focus of your Christmas table.


An attractive tableware can add charm to your Christmas Table. Display the best of your china or special dishes that show holiday motifs. A good idea would be to coordinate the colour of your tablecloth, centerpiece and crockery. Also make sure that the crockery is sparkling clean and unscratched.

Table Setting

Last but the most relevant aspect of table decoration is the table setting. Table setting refers to the arrangement of the tableware on the dining table. The crockery, napkins and napkin rings are the essentials in a table setting.

A beautifully decorated table helps in creating the perfect atmosphere for a festive occasion. What are you waiting for, start decorating the perfect dinner setting for that special Christmas dinner. And make this Christmas dinner memorable for your guests, family and friends.

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