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Christmas in India

Christmas is celebrated with high spirits and gusto in many countries of the world. Though the way of celebrating Christmas differs in various regions but the fervor and enthusiasm remains the same. Caroling, feasting, Christmas decorations, midnight mass and gift–giving are the main ingredients of a perfect Christmas celebration and decoration in India. Though Xmas is not a major Indian festival as Christians are in minority in India, nevertheless, it has become an important festival over the years. Today, people from other religions and communities participate in the Christmas festivities with marked fervor and zest.

Christmas Celebrations in India

Days before Christmas market places, shop, streets and churches are decorated with scenes of nativity, lights and stars. People prepare variety of sweets and cakes before the Christmas day. These are offered to visitors and neighbors. Generally preparations of turkey, fish, chicken, salads and other varieties are prepared. It also includes Christmas cake and desserts in the form of Christmas puddings.

Exchanging gifts and cards is an important part of Christmas festival. Children in particular, enjoy the festival the most as they get to participate in the native plays and Christmas carnivals conducted by schools or socio–cultural clubs. Kids also receive gifts from their favorite Santa Claus. Christians in India attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and light votive candles in the church. The ritual is followed by Christmas carols, balls on the Christmas day and tempting Christmas meals.

Christmas Decorations in India

People Decorate a Christmas Trees on 24th December, in fact it is considered unlucky to bring in the tree in the house before that day. Therefore, the evening proceeding Christmas Eve is also a time for decorating the Christmas tree.

One of the unique features of Christmas in India is the use of banana or mango tree for decoration instead of traditional pine tree. This is the time for people to flaunt their creativity. They decorate these trees with colorful ribbons, blinking lights, stars and sparkled balls and use poinsettia flower to decorate churches. In South India, people put oil–lamps of clay on their flat roof–tops to let everyone feel the presence of God in light.

Christmas in Goa

Christmas is celebrated with great zeal in Goa – the state rich for its culture and spirited people. Interestingly, not only the natives enjoy the festive mood of Christmas but the tourists also participate in each and every Christmas custom. Christmas carnival in Goa lasts from Christmas Eve till New Year which makes the environment more fun 'n' frolic. During this period, Goans along with the visiting tourists immerse themselves in music, dance and the Yuletide spirit. All roads and especially the mesmerizing beaches of Goa are thronged by people enjoying every moment of the festival with Christmas wine hamper, music and lavish food.

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