Women’s Day Celebration Ideas 2021

Have you ever seen the shape and form of the number 8? Doesn’t it resemble the infinity sign? Well, March 8, Women’s Day, marks the celebration of this infinite feminine grace that we all adore, respect, and cherish. Be it your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, teacher, or a woman who inspires you, this day is to make her feel special, loved, and free. Treating her with gifts, telling her your heartfelt feelings, and throwing a party in her ‘honor’, you want to make her feel like the queen of the world. 

So, we have come up with unique ideas that will give your Women’s Day 2021 celebrations a fun & meaningful twist. So let’s start: 

Ask her for a TED Talk

She inspires you. But how does she manage to be this forever beacon of motivation, patience, and perseverance. Take Women’s Day as an excuse to allow her to speak her mind, her ideas, her opinions, and of course, her valuable two cents on life. Record her beautiful speech, preserve it as words of motivation for the days you feel low, and share it as a motivational video for others too on social media. Yeah, more power to you girl!

women's ted talks

Celebrate Girl Power in Workplace 

Cheers to all the ladies who run the home and rule the workplace! It’s time to bring them all together for an intimate sorority celebration. Bring all the ladies from the office for a round table meet or a zoom call to discuss, deliberate, and connect on womanhood, motivation, beauty, and life. Throw in some snacks, board games, tombola, gifts, and some music…rest all the ladies are good to go!

women's day round table conference

Movie Marathon 

Simple ideas can work wonders. Host a movie marathon of your favorite women-oriented films for the special ladies in your home. It’s a fantastic way to tell them they are powerful, fierce, and can achieve anything they want. Indeed, the kind of motivation they need not only on Women’s Day but always in life!

movie ideas for women's day

Support Other Women 

Make this Women’s Day a tiny ripple to start the beginning of a massive change. Support independent businesses started by women entrepreneurs. Grant donations and offer sponsorships in the name of the women you love and admire. Extend your support to organizations working for women’s upliftment, especially to bring countless women out of the misery of worldwide lockdown. Challenge your friends on social media to do the same and cause a new wave of encouragement. 

women's day donations


Make it a day for her 

Spending herself to love others, she barely gets any time for herself. This Women’s Day, tell her to relax and rejuvenate. A soothing home spa followed by a fun workshop session will indeed keep her happy and comforted. Cook her some delicious food she loves and spend the evening with your favorite women on a coffee date. End the beautiful day with thoughtful gifts and a handwritten note that she will cherish for life. This is a fantastic & intimate idea to celebrate and honor the women you love. 

women's day celebration ideas

Give an old-fashioned surprise with a new twist

Giving the ladies flowers and gifts on Women’s Day is not a groundbreaking idea for 2021. But, what makes it extraordinary is that thought you put behind your present. Surprise her with flowers not just to appreciate her beauty but write a sweet note on how the little things she does feels just like the fragrance of these flowers, which fills your life with joy and happiness. Look for gifts that just don’t appreciate her but also motivate her to be herself the way she loves to be. Looking for such unique surprises? You will find just the perfect one for her at

gift ideas for women's day

Lastly, if you are running out of ideas to elate the women around you, gift them a mirror and let them know they are not just an inspiration and source of power for you and others but also for themselves. 

Happy Women’s Day!

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