What Raksha Bandhan Gift To Give Your Siblings, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

August 17, 2021

Raksha Bandhan is a week away, and there’s already excitement in the air! There’s something about the sight of Rakhis being sold, and all the pre-planning that goes into gifting, which makes this festival seem so very special.

If you’ve already begun to brainstorm on what you could possibly give your sibling on this auspicious occasion, we have an idea that’s rather unique – What Raksha Bandhan Gift To Give Your Siblings, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Since so many of us believe our personalities are impacted by our zodiac signs, it would be interesting to apply that to your gifting process this year, and select items according to the wonders of the constellation.

To put it simply, all zodiac signs have a specific personality type, and we’ve created a fun list of gifting options to match each. Check it out!


Aries are hard workers. They are perfectionists and never fail to inspire people. They are known for being adventurous, enthusiastic and optimistic. Personalized sequined cushions, or  a pair of sunglasses coupled with a hand tied bouquet can be suitable gifts for them.




The people with this zodiac are simple folks, averse to changes. Nevertheless they are aesthetically inclined and fond of luxury. They are creative, kind and loyal. A customized mobile sling bag, car accessories or their favorite perfume will certainly impress them.


Gemini people are loquacious. They are flexible, clever and witty. They love being a part of conversations and getting to know more about everything and everyone. People who are so hungry for knowledge can be gifted books, personalized wooden wall clocks or a photo cake.  



Cancerians are emotional beings, compassionate and very zesty. They are usually calm and generous. They are also known to be food lovers. A fancy dinner would definitely please them. You can also curate a hamper for them with handmade gifts and beautiful flowers. 



They wish and deserve to lead.  A  Leo’s courage and perseverance makes them relentless in the face of defeat. Their never-die attitude makes them awe-inspiring. A customized photo frame along with a vase bouquet is sure to bring a smile on their face.  A fine portrait or painting would be a good pick too.



People with this zodiac are sincere and organized. Accurate with judgement they are good orators and loyal. They are sure to love desk accessories and hand written notes on thoughtful greeting cards.



Known to be balanced, optimistic and charming, Libras love organization. They are compassionate and well behaved. They would appreciate a desk top organizer or collectibles like coasters, hourglass, photo pop up box and so on.



Sarcastic, witty and mysterious, Scorpios are intuitive and clever. They are no-nonsense yet an emotional bunch. Personalized caricatures would definitely amuse them. They would certainly enjoy a hamper filled with chocolates and healthy nuts. 



People of this zodiac are inquisitive and adventurous. They are lively and passionate. They would put a personalized power bank to good use and also enjoy a creamy cake.



They are composed and intelligent. They have a knack of decision making and are dependable. A crystal pen drive along with a bouquet of premium flowers should be an ideal gift for them.



Aquarius are artistic and unconventional. They hold memories dear and look for inner beauty. A rotating crystal photo cube with a personalized mug would be perfect for them.



Pisces are good listeners and thus amazing friends. They are loving and profusely sensitive. A thoughtful hamper filled with flowers, gourmet food and candles is sure to gain their approval.


Now that you know  What Raksha Bandhan Gift To Give Your Siblings, Based On Their Zodiac Signs, how about reading a fun blog about How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Virtually.

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