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June 16, 2017

E-commerce websites have seen a mammoth rise in the country in recent times. During festivals like Diwali they try to offer massive discounts and alter their catalogue accordingly. They have recognized the trend that people make massive purchases during festivals, Diwali being the biggest!

These portals would be the perfect for people looking to make purchases during the upcoming festive season of Diwali. The attractive offers and discounts during the festival attract a lot of buyers to make purchases for themselves as well as gifts to distribute amongst family and friends during the Festive season.

Listed below are a few categories offering the most discounts and offers.


One of the biggest sales of E-commerce websites happens through the Electronics category. They offer a wide array of sub categories ranging from cellphones,tablet PC’s to headphones!
If you’re looking to gift any electronic item to a someone during Diwali, purchasing from an e-commerce website would be your best bet. There are a number of ecommerce websites and a little research should find you something in your budget.
Poemia Manual Espresso Machine

Ethnic Clothing

E-commerce websites have done their fair bit of research and design their catalogue and inventory accordingly. Keeping with the theme of Diwali, they have stocked up on ethnic wear for gents as well as ladies. It would be the perfect time for one to purchase ethnic clothing online as it would be offered at a low price and huge discounts. You could purchase them yourself or as a gift to a close one. There are a number of websites which offer a wide choice designed to suit your taste as well as your budget.

Bright Red Kurta Pyjama Set

Home Decor/Artifacts

Diwali is a happy festive time where people decorate their houses and the E-commerce websites have observed this trend. There are a number of huge websites which stock up on home décor artifacts, ranging from traditional to modern abstract. E-commerce websites offer huge discounts during the festive season to drive sales and attract customers. This would be perfect if your looking into revamping your own house or looking for a gift for a close relative.

Jhoomar hanging Toran Bandanwar Door Hanging

E-Gift Card

If you are unsure of what to gift someone during Diwali, you could give them a E-gift card of a particle website (there are a number of websites that offer this)The E-gift card can be topped up to a desired amount by you and the recipient could purchase anything they desire from that particular website, using your E-gift card. This would make the tedious process of selecting a gift for a picky person easy for you and the recipient could purchase something they would actually use with your E-gift car, it’s a Win-Win situation

A number of websites offer discounts during the festival of Diwali. Before purchasing an item a thorough research for the best price/discount should be done. E-commerce websites also offer gift wrapping services and direct delivery to the recipient (if you intend to gift the item to someone). One should make sure that the item being purchased should be from a reputed website ensuring delivery of the diwali gift is done on time .

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