Valentines Day

5 Valentine’s Gifts Men Actually Want From You

January 29, 2020
Make Valentine's Day Special for Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s Week is a lover’s paradise for the couple’s in a relationship. ‘Love’ is a short four-letter word that can make life beautiful for the ones who understand it’s depth.

If you are in love and have your beloved around, every day is indeed a celebration for you. But some days hold a more considerable significance in your life, and one such special day is Valentine’s Day. 

This year we’ve decided to do Valentine’s a bit differently.  We’ve officially stepped into the future we always spoke of. In 2022, why wait for the knight to come in his shining armor or the prince with the right shoe that fits you. 2022 is the year of change.

Change in how we do things. Why should men always be the ones bearing gifts? Turn the tables as you get ready to surprise your man to express the unconditional love you have for him. This small gesture is, without a doubt, the sweetest way to say I Love You.

However, the difficult part starts here – picking the right valentine gift that will match his likes while making him feel elated. Thankfully, V-day is still not here that gives us plenty of time to choose the perfect gift.

When it comes to the person we love, giving something personalized is the most expressive & unique thing to do. We’re here to put you at ease and end your troubles of finding ‘The Gift’ for your Mr. Perfect. Keep reading to find 5 Valentines Gifts Men Actually Want 

Secret Tip: Before you dive in, remember the most important thing. Men love practical gifts they can use instead of fancy flaunt worthy items. Got it? Now you can go ahead.

Get ready to rock Valentine’s with our curated collection of 5 Valentines Gifts Men Actually Want – 

Dudes Love Decor 

Who said home decor gifts are only for women? Men, too, love having a well-furnished looking home. Cozy up his sofa with Personalized Fur Photo LED Cushion as a statement throw pillow.

Can you picture this exquisite cushion with a picture of you two resting on his sofa? Stunning right? We thought so too!


Encrypt Your Love

Whether your man is an expressive extrovert kind or a mysterious brooding kind, he’s going to love this QR code keychain that opens with a love message on his phone. 


A Chocolate Affair

Of Course, we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This V-day, let’s test this age-old saying by gifting him a Personalized Photo Heart Dairy Milk Chocolate. If your man loves Chocolate, he will love to indulge in this treat for sure.

Tame Him

No one wants their man to be shabby. We want our men to be well-groomed, sharp, and a little naughty only for us. Let the Detan Charcoal Kit for face & body take care of the first two while you make sure he gets naughty enough!


Happy Ending XOXO

This pick will be more of a gift for you. Stop running around the bushes and tell him what you want for V-day. With our sinful Valentine Black Forest Cake that will guarantee you a happy ending on this happy day!


Waste no more time, get going already; your man is waiting for the love of his life to surprise him. For more snazzy gifts check out – Top 20 Valentine’s Day Gifts

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