Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

June 16, 2017

Children’s Day is round the corner, and is celebrated in fond memory of India’s first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was known to have a profound love for children. This year, we’re looking at ideas to make the day a memorable one for our kids, and at the same time, give them a little learning while we’re at it!


Here’s a list of some gift ideas for Children’s Day that will give you the tag of the best parent in the world!




Ever heard of a kid that doesn’t love chocolate? Be strict with your kids some other day, celebrate this occasion by getting them a hamper of their favourite chocolates


Personalized Puzzles


Get a family photo printed on a puzzle and gift it to your little one! Puzzles are a great tool to sharpen kids’ minds, and picture puzzles let them have a little fun while they’re at it!

Love All Around Heart Puzzle

Personalized Teddy

Ever faced the trouble of your child crying about not wanting to sleep alone? Get them a teddy bear with a cute picture of Mommy, Daddy and Baby together which they can cuddle while sleeping!

Personalized Soft Toys

Outdoor Games


With the advent of technology, the children of this generation are becoming lazy and completely absorbed in their video games. So get them a basketball or football, and make them move off the couch!


Piggy Bank


Gift your child a piggy bank and show them the significance of saving money. This is a great way of inculcating the habit of saving up, and will make them grow up into responsible adults who understand the value of money and the hard work that goes behind earning it.


has a huge array of toys, games and personalized gifts designed to help children grow and explore through their creativity and imagination.

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