Children’s Day Gift Ideas to Please Your Kid

June 16, 2017

Children’s day is celebrated on 14th November every year. It is the day that marks the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru also known as ‘Chacha Nehru’.  The day is celebrated with great pomp and merriment in schools.


Since kids love presents, this children’s day, surprise your kid with a special children’s day gift. Here is a list of gifts that you can present to your child on children’s day.


Indoor Games– Indoor games are considered as the most popular gifts for children. They are safe, help in the development of child’s brain and create less noise and mess around as compared to toys. This children’s day, buy your kids indoor games like a chess game, ludo, spell check game, block games, business today, tambola or any other brain storming games. Buy online children’s day gifts at IGP.com to get plethora of options.


Imaginative Construction Blocks Nursery Kit


Soft toys and Dolls– Soft toys and dolls are all time favorite of kids, especially those who are under the age of three years. When it comes to buying soft toys, there are dolls, teddy bears, bunnies, elephants and what not. While girls enjoy playing with dolls, each and every kid loves cuddling soft toys. Moreover, soft toys look great when kept in the rooms of kids as a decorative item.


A Cute Lovely Doll

Chocolates and Candies– Be it their birthday or children’s day or any other special occasion, chocolates and candies can never fail to please children. So, if you are confused about what gift you should go along with, give or send children’s day gifts to children as chocolates and candies. However, if you are looking for children’s day gifts online, IGP.com also have various chocolate and cookies hampers.


Cakes– Children just love cakes; in fact they wait for their birthday to have them. So, this children’s day, surprise your kid with a children’s day cake. Learn which flavor they like the most, whether chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry or vanilla, gift it to them on their day.


Cars and Bikes– Cars and Bikes are considered as the most treasured gifts for kids, especially boys. In fact, after cars, bikes are the biggest fad for kids nowadays, owing to its stylish appeal and the fact that they are constantly flashed in movies. They are one of best children’s day gifts for your children.


Outdoor Games– In this high tech era, outdoor games are a must-have for children. Outdoor games allow them to be active, healthy and fit and help them to grow. When it comes to finding an outdoor game for your kid, there are too many options including bat-ball, tennis, badminton, football etc.


We hope this list will help you out in choosing the best children’s day gift for your child.

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