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October 10, 2013

When the entire country is gearing up to embrace the beauty of autumn season, there’s hardly any Indian family which is not pepped up about indulging in diwali gifts India. To send Diwali Gifts , IGP.com is a name to reckon with as it leads in winning hearts of its patrons with a seamless & timely delivery of Diwali Gifts across the world.

The frontrunners for Diwali Gifts India are the mithai hampers. Be it the batisa or the kaju barfi they come packaged in Handmade Floral Pack. The “relishing sweets in a sacred box” add to the sanctity of the festival.

The most needed entities to send Diwali gifts include “the Diwali Pooja Thali”,” Lakshmi Ganesh Gifts”& Diwali Diyas”. These three put together form an integral part of all our Diwali stories shared with our international mates or are reminiscent when one thinks of Diwali Gifts India while professionally occupied in International lands.

It would be a sight to behold to see the diyas beautifully aligned on a decorative pooja thali like the “Enamelled Peacock Thali”; the lakshmi –ganesh gift items are not only restricted to beautifully crafted idols but also through farmaan shaped wall-hangings. Imagine “a pair of floating diyas” in an open earthen pot filled with rose petals & water.

Diwali is one occasion which is a golden opportunity to decorate every nook & corner of our house. As an advance motivation gifting diwali Decorative is a great idea. Ornamental wall hangings, door hangings, crafted ganesha idols are a great way to embellish a humble abode.

Door hangings of “sequins paisly border toran” are a great way to welcome Goddess lakshmi. Showy & attractive wall-hangings make a great Diwali Gift as they add life to residential walls & add grace to a dwelling all round the year.

Add to the exuberance of Diwali celebrations by adding Sparkling gifts” to the list of exorbitant Diwali gifts. Such Gifts come handy when you want to send diwali gifts to the closest of family members.

Sparkling Gifts are gift wrapped through four wonders like the glitterati of silver gifts, Gold Gifts, Diamond Gifts & Jewellery for men. The “Lakshmi Ganesh Sinhasan” will gracefully adorn a newly-built house-temple with its charm. The lakshmi & Ganesh silver coins are indispensible for any Diwali pooja. Let a newly- wed floor her guests with Diwali snacks served on the duck shaped or leaf shaped silver plate.

Make up to your mother for missing a Diwali pooja at home with” The Spiritual diwali hamper” which pertains of 90% pure;51 gms of 4 spiritual idols of Ganesh lakshmi ,Lakshmi Narayan & three silver coins.

The silver alloy Laxmi Silver Note is the contemporary substitute to silver Lakshmi Ganesh idols. With gifts dipped in gold like the “Diviniti Ganesh Lakshmi Frame” & high quality gold coins the family jeweller can be easily ignored. The “Lakshmi”22K gold coin is gift to be treasured & preserved for generations to come.

Surprise your loved ones with solid gold earrings, necklace, bangles, rings & tie-pins. The “Trinity Gold coin Hamper” is a true fortune. Wouldn’t it be great to see the shine of the “Maya Diamond earrings” or “the sweet flower ear-rings in the eyes of that special someone.

Whether it is about Diwali Gifts India or mesmerising your extended family with a variety of Diwali Gifts from any corner of this world, IGP.com is the name to trust the task with. With the network of premium gift shops in key markets like India, UK, US & Canada the wonderful world of Diwali Gifts is just a click away.


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