5 Rom-Coms You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Valentine’s 💞💯

February 7, 2020
5_Rom_Coms_You_Shouldn't _Miss_Out_On_Valentines

It’s February, which means only one thing; the cupids in the sky have started brewing their secret potion of love to once again cast an unmissable spell of ‘Love’. Seldom has one been able to escape this mind-boggling well-aged spell. 💞 Love is certainly in the air, ready to imprint on us. Some are already mesmerized by its magnificence, and some are still to be amazed by its real power. Where ever we stand on the road to the mountain of ‘Love’❣️, there is one common thing we all can enjoy on this February the 14th, i.e. Valentine’s Day – Watching Rom-Coms (5 Rom-Coms You Shouldn’t  Miss Out On Valentine’s)


Winter is still here. What better way to enjoy Winters + Valentine’s than being cosy curled up on your couch with hot cocoa & toasted marshmallows in your hand watching a Movie? But not just any movie- a Rom-com ( 5 Rom-coms You Shouldn’t  Miss Out On Valentine’s) that will swoon you in love, make you weep like a baby and also make you laugh at the same time. Whether you choose to spend some me-time, or have your squad come over for a pyjama party, or snuggle up in a blanket with that special someone, here are 5 Rom-coms You Shouldn’t  Miss Out On Valentine’s that should make it to your list!


Pro Tip – Keep a box of tissues ready. 


  1.  The Proposal 💍

One popular Rom-Com starring Ryan Reynolds, a frustrated assistant & Sandra Bullock, his tyrannous boss. This story revolves around how he can never get rid of her demands as a boss, even marrying her to sort her visa. This awe-worthy subtle chemistry of the two lead actors will surely fill your heart with love! 


  1. Pretty Women 💏

A timeless classic starring Julia Roberts as a hooker and Richard Gere, a wealthy businessman is a modern take on Cinderella. He hires a hooker to stay with him for the weekend on his trip to L.A to kill his loneliness. A story of how two people from entirely different worlds fall in love with each other. 

  1. He’s Not That Into You 🙃

A multi starrer modern-day relationships of people in their 20’s and 30’s. Five couple’s struggling in love with interconnecting stories. The story also arcs around the challenges these couples face.

  1. Friends & Benefits 👫

Starring Justin Timberlake as Dylan and Mila Kunis as Jamie. The story revolves around two friends who take their friendship to the next level by having sex without having deep feelings for each other. Soon the complications start, and the fun too!


  1. Crazy Rich Asians 💸


Rachel Chu accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young, to his BFF’s wedding in Singapore to visit his family home. She is excited as she is unaware of how rich her boyfriend is. 


These are our top picks 5 Rom-Coms Not to Miss Out On Valentine’s! Watch these 5 Rom-Coms You Shouldn’t  Miss Out On Valentine’s to get all the warm & fuzzies. These movies can make you laugh out loud, make you cry your eyes out, and give you all types of delights to make your Valentines better than anyone else’s! If you found this blog 5 Rom-Coms You Shouldn’t  Miss Out On Valentine’s amaze-balls here’s another blog you will love. Do read 20 Best Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2020.


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