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Easy to Keep Up New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021

December 29, 2020
new year resolution

2020 was an intense year! No, we are not taking you down the memory lane of the soon-to-be-previous-year. Instead, we plan to give some easy-breezy resolution ideas that will surely make 2021 a year we all have been looking forward to for so long. Anybody can keep up with these resolutions and they are super fun, essential, and totally worth your time and perseverance. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the resolution countdown:-

1. Fitness Comes First

no pain fitness

The previous year was all about taking your health seriously. So, take the lead forward in the coming year by quitting on the junk and switching to healthy foods, and keeping your exercise regime in check

2. Nudge Towards Financial Planning

save money

Financial planning should be your priority over vacation planning in the coming year. Balance your finances, save more, start investing, and always take up insurance for the not-so-good-days. 

3. Read More


Reading makes you wiser. So, apart from investing money, you should invest yourself in a good book. An interesting read is the best company to spend your coming year with; one book at a time! Here’s a good-read inspiration Awesome New Year Gift Ideas.

4. Write Even More

dear diary

In the coming year let your thoughts loose and start your journey towards writing a journal or a diary. It is a great way to keep a track of your ideas and imagination and see yourself grow every year. 

5. Take Up A New Hobby

hobby love

The coming year is another reminder to YOLO! So, yourself the time you need to explore what you love and relax with a hobby that instantly lifts your mood from the monotony of the daily work-from-home routine. 

6. Detox With Cooking

cooking love

Take cooking lessons right away in the coming year to detox and relax. Don’t take it as a chore, instead, have fun with cooking and enjoy making new recipes each day, or at least once a week. 

7. Quit A Vice

stop it

The coming year is the perfect time to quit your vices, be it smoking, drinking, or even getting your obsession with working all day. Take time to invest in other activities and live your life without any addiction. 

8. Attain Mental Peace

mental health

Mental health debates were surely the thing of the previous year that one should take seriously in the coming year. It’s the perfect time to evaluate your mental health by a professional and live a better quality of life, as you need to start the journey somewhere!

9. Make A Vision Board

vision board

Goodness attracts goodness! The universe is always ready to help you out if you believe in something. This year paint your dreams on the canvas of the vision board and let the cosmos do the rest. A perfect way to track your goals!

10. Express More

i love you note

Every year can’t be the same story of not finding time for loved ones. This year make sure you embrace your loved ones and express your feelings like never before. Be it gifts, handwritten notes, or dedicating a song; do everything you can to make your family & friends smile. Need some ideas for gifting, we got you at


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