Best Christmas Home Decor Trends

November 27, 2020
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The season of celebrations has begun in full swing! From Diwali, we have jumped straight into the yuletide festivities. But, the COVID-19 scare is still around and we don’t want it to ruin our celebrations yet again, do we? Also, this year of chaos is ending, or at least we hope so! And we are still looking forward to a fresh beginning and a new ray of hope, much like the spirit of Christmas, isn’t it? So let’s celebrate the birth of Christ with the same fervor and pomp as we used to. And we know you guys are already prepping up for it by now! Yayy….that’s the spirit!

Well, this year Christmas is not much about making your Secret Santa wish list for the office Secret Santa party instead it’s about making that one sparkling-good Christmas tree at home that’s worth all the Instagram hearts and comments. The world has changed, celebrations have changed, and so have the ways. From making the Christmas tree glow up to creating a beautiful nativity scene, you have set this year’s Christmas party venue nowhere else but inside your own homes. This year Christmas is all about at-home celebrations. So, we thought why not help you pick some new trends that will give your at-home celebrations a twist of the latest trends and surprises. 

Let’s have a look at what the best Christmas home decor viral frenzy is all about: 

Lights Are In 

christmas lights

This season take some time out to illuminate your house. Don’t even leave a corner! Just lay across the Christmas lights, LED bottle lamps, danglers, and lanterns…coz what is Christmas if not loads of colors and brightness!

Planters Are A Hit

gif christmas planters

Take the hint from the Christmas tree. Give the tree some company and invite all its friends over to your house. Succulents and indoor planters in beautiful pots are a blockbuster hit as the season’s most favorite interior decoration. 

Under The Tree Decor

under the tree decorchristmas gif

Sneak in lots of gifts, a cake, showpieces, teddies, chocolates, and anything you love under the soothing shade of the sparkling Christmas tree. Remember, that’s your happy place and you need to fill it with things you absolutely love. 

Traditional Nativity Scene

nativity scene gif

Turn your home into a barn and get ready for baby Jesus to arrive! Look, mother Mary and Jesus are so happy to welcome the son of God! Create a nativity scene so realistic and beautiful. Don’t forget anyone, be it the sheep, shepherds or the angels…coz the more, the merrier Christmas. 

Cozy Cushions 

cushion christmas gif

“Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day you gave it away. This year to save me from tears….” sneak your heart inside a cuddy cushion and snuggle in bed with your partner listening to these golden Christmas songs and melodies. 

Wreaths & Candles 

candle christmas gif

A beautiful wreath is a complete Christmas decor in itself. And when you pair the wreaths with bright & beautiful candles, the decor turns amazingly exceptional. Great way to spice things up on your bare walls near the mantelpiece or consoles.  

Christmas WFH Special

christmas decor gif

You miss your office desk and the Christmas decorations at your workspace. Well, worry not you still have a place where you work…..decorations are still on! This Work-From-Home Christmas season, give your desk a complete makeover with trendy pen stands, stockings, and sizzling decor pieces. 

So, we have concluded our list of the trendiest decorations for Christmas. Well, you plan to take out your shopping carts (online of course!) and do remember to keep the little ones busy. We have a complete guide for you on How to keep children engaged at home.

Till then, let us all remember that Christmas is the season of making wishes and we hope God makes all our wishes come true and let us all tell our loved ones

all i want for christmas is you


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