20 Christmas Gifts from for Every Budget

November 15, 2017

As the month of December approaches, entire world starts prepping for the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ, the lord, who sacrificed everything, including his life, for the welfare of mankind. Popularly known as Christmas, the lord’s birthday is celebrated on 25th December every year. Gifting is an integral part of birthday celebrations, and same is the case here but, with a little twist. Generally, gifts are given to the birthday boy/girl but, since lord Jesus always believed in giving; relatives and friends send gifts to each other on this auspicious occasion of Christmas, and spread happiness. It is also believed that Santa Claus, a joyous, white-bearded man, brings gifts for the well-behaved children, on the eve of Christmas, and in the wee hours of the Christmas day. In a nutshell, gift giving is an essential part of Christmas celebrations, in fact, it is a tradition. As the day is round the corner, you must be searching for best gift options, to be gifted to your loved ones this Christmas. So, here we present to you 20 Christmas Gifts, from, for every budget. Take a look: 1. Plum Cakes: Available in a variety of flavors on, Plum cake makes for a perfect gift, for the ones you adore, on Christmas.

Chocolate Plum Cake And Card With Decorative Balls

Ideal For: Cake lovers and foodies Why We Recommend: Health is the best gift one can ever give to loved ones. Since plum cakes are made using dried fruits or fresh fruits, it is indeed a healthy gift on Christmas. 2. Chocolate hampers: Another amazing gift, to be given on Christmas, is chocolate hampers. Chocolates with soft toys, chocolates with flowers, chocolates with grooming essentials, chocolates with deo & mug, dark chocolate hampers, and much more is available on, for you to select from.

Molded Truffles In Bunny Basket

Ideal For: Chocoholics Why We Recommend: Chocolates are good for health and when paired with some another gift, it certainly widens the smile on the recipients’ face. 3. Scented Candles: Besides Christmas trees, stars, lights, etc., candles with fragrance or fragrant candles are also an essential part of Christmas decorations. So, gift scented candles from, to the loved ones this Christmas.

Frangipane Ocean Hearty Candle

Ideal For: Romantic couples, people who love to decorate their abode Why We Recommend: Besides adding class to your interior decor, scented candles offer peace and joy after a tiring day. Also, scented candles have lot of other benefits like those, who are experiencing sleepless nights; usage of scented candles can help them to rest and sleep, scented candles calm nerves, improve focus, etc. 4. Soft Toys: Though soft toys are perfect to be gifted on any occasion; a pair of teddy bear, or any cartoon character soft toy like Noddy, Winnie the pooh, etc., are perfect gift options, to be considered for Christmas gifting.

White Teddy With Santa Cap

Ideal For: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Kids, Couple Why We Recommend: Soft toys are amongst those gifts, which last for lifetime. Thus, soft toys as Christmas gifts will keep on reminding the recipient that you love and care. 5. Christmas Tree Hamper: Amongst others, Christmas tree is the most important thing, associated with Christmas celebrations. Thus, gifting a Christmas tree or a Christmas tree hamper is indeed a great gifting idea.

Lovely Christmas Tree Hamper

Ideal For: Everyone who celebrates Christmas with fervor Why We Recommend: Christmas tree is the tree of life. A well-decorated Christmas tree symbolizes a life, full of happiness and joy. Thus, gifting a well-decorated Christmas tree, or a Christmas tree hamper will convey your warm wishes for a prosperous life, besides giving utmost pleasure to the recipient. 6. Personalized Christmas Gifts: Gifts with a personal touch are always special and emotive. Thus, offers you a wide range of personalized gifts to select from. From personalized T-shirts to mugs, keychains to greeting cards, and photo frames to wall posters, we have everything that you can personalize, and present to your loved ones this Christmas.

Personalized Pillow With New Year String And Mug

Ideal For: Everyone Why We Recommend: As stated earlier, a gift, containing a personal touch, is always very special, and last for lifetime thus, personalized gifts are just perfect to send to your loved ones this Christmas. 7. Accessories for Men: Select from our wide range of men’s accessories, including wallets, tie & cufflink set, pocket square, belts, wristbands, etc., and send the same to your loved ones this Christmas.

Tie With Pocket Square And Cufflinks

Ideal For: Fashionable & Classy Men Why We Recommend: We, at, believe that a gift must not be mere product but, it must contain high utilitarian value too. And thus, we recommend you to gift men’s accessories to the male recipients this Christmas, so as to present them a gift, which is highly useful for them. 8. Jewellery: Jewellery is said to be the women’s best friend. And, what can be better than gifting a best friend to someone this Christmas. In a nutshell, pick from our range of exquisite jewellery, and present to the female recipients on Christmas.

Wooden Jewelry Box With Jewelry

Ideal For: Fashionable & Classy Women Why We Recommend: As averred earlier, jewellery is said to be the women’s best friend. And, what can be better than gifting a best friend to someone this Christmas. 9. Bags & Clutches: Throw a glance at the wide range of bags and clutches available at, pick one for any female recipient, to be gifted this Christmas.

Pink Green Silk Bag

Ideal For: Fashionable, Professional, & Party Lover Women Why We Recommend: Carrying fancy accessories to workplace, or at a party, is very much in vogue thus, gifting a fancy bag or a classy clutch to any female recipient, this Christmas, is indeed a great idea. 10. Wrist Watches: Wrist watches, which were a necessity earlier, are a style statement now. Be it male or female, everyone wants to carry a classy watch on his/her wrist to flaunt. Thus, pick a classy wrist watch as a Christmas present, and give it to your loved ones.

Alluring Timex Analog Watch For Women

Ideal For: Men & Women both Why We Recommend: Besides adding to one’s style statement, wrist watches have high utilitarian value too. 11. Cosmetics & Makeup: Every girl or woman wants to look glamorous on special occasions and thus, makeup and cosmetics are their all-time companion. Thus, gifting makeup items on Christmas is indeed an option to pay attention on.

Exotic Miss Claire Cosmetics Hamper

Ideal For: Party Lover Women Why We Recommend: We, at, believe that a gift should be one, which besides widening the smile on the recipients’ face, must contain high utilitarian value, and must give utmost pleasure to the receiver. Thus, cosmetics are the perfect gift for women since this is something most of the females like the most. 12. Flowers: It is believed that flowers are the best gift than anything else. Be it any occasion, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or any others, flowers are the failsafe gift. Thus, one must consider flowers as the best gift for Christmas.

10 Roses In A Basket

Ideal For: Nature Lover Person Why We Recommend: Flowers fall under the category of failsafe gifts, and fill the atmosphere with mesmerizing fragrance thus, we highly recommend flowers as perfect Christmas present. 13. Gift Cards & Vouchers for Newlyweds: A wide range of gift cards and vouchers, from leading brands like Shoppers Stop, Asmi, Nakshatra, D’Damas, Biguine Jean Claude, Aroma Thai, for dining, shopping, holiday, etc., are available at Check out and buy one for your loved ones this Christmas.

Diya Diamond Jewelry Gift Voucher

Ideal For: Newlyweds, Shopaholics, Foodies, Classy People Why We Recommend: Gift cards and vouchers give the recipient the freedom to use it as per their choice and convenience and thus, these make for a gift, which is more than mere product. 14. Premium Gifts – Silver & Gold Plated: In case you are looking for gifts that exhibit class and royalty, take a look at the range of premium gifts available on Silver plated serving sets, silver and gold-plated pendant sets, silver and gold-plated tableware, are some gifts that you can opt for this Christmas.

Slender White Swan

Ideal For: Classy People Why We Recommend: It is believed that your gift speaks about your personality and class, And, if you are among those, who cannot bear a stain on their personality, by gifting a low-priced gift, go for premium gifts from 15. Home Decorative: Christmas asks for decorations and celebrations and, what can be the best gift than home decorative products this Christmas. Right from marble vases to personalized tiles and clocks, everything is available at So, browse, buy, and gift amazing home decor products this Christmas.

Marble Pin Holder With Clock

Ideal For: People with homemaker personality Why We Recommend: Be it any special occasion, it calls for celebrations and celebrations call for decoration. Thus, to help your loved ones in decorating their abode this Christmas, home decor items are just perfect. 16. Bar Essentials: Most of the party lover people either have mini bar in their homes, or boast of an exquisite collection of bar essentials like classy decanters, wine bottle holders, wine glasses, beer mugs, etc. All this is available at All you have to do is just browse, make the selection, pay the amount, and rest will be taken care by

Embossed Wine Box With Wine Glasses And Champagne

Ideal For: Party Lover People Why We Recommend: A gift must match the recipients’ choice and taste and thus, presenting bar essentials as Christmas gift, to the party lover people in your circle, is indeed a good idea. 17. Luxury Perfumes: Shop for perfumes from luxury brands like Burberry, Armani, etc., available at, and gift to your loved ones this Christmas.

Tag-Her Gift Set For Women

Ideal For: Classy & Party Lover People Why We Recommend: Though perfumes are considered as very personal gifts; a luxury brand perfume will surely please the recipient, which is the ultimate goal of gifting on Christmas. 18. Appliances: Utility gifts like home and kitchen appliances are just the perfect options to consider, while searching gifts for Christmas.

Philips Air Fryer

Ideal For: Newlyweds, People with homemaker personality Why We Recommend: High utilitarian value 19. Games for Kids: What other than games can be the perfect Christmas gift for kids. Browse and pick the best one for your tiny tots.

Great Green Lantern Puzzle Game

Ideal For: Kids Why We Recommend: Games keep children engaged for hours, letting the parents finish their daily chores easily. Besides, some games help in the development of children as well. 20. Skincare Hampers: Men and women, both are equally conscious about their skin nowadays and thus, gifting skincare hampers to loved ones on Christmas is a great idea.

Kayakalp Skincare Essentials Hamper

Ideal For: Men & Women both Why We Recommend: High utilitarian value

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